Straipsnių peržiūros

About us

Vilkija Agricultural School is a state educational institution. Our school is in a small town Vilkija which is situated in a very convenient place of Lithuania – on the bank of the longest river Nemunas and is only 30 km from the town of Kaunas.

 It is a vocational school with its old traditions and history. The school has been known for 55 years. There are 320 students and 40 teachers in our school. Our students are of very different ages. It depends on the programmes and specialties they are studying. Some of them get both secondary education and specialty while others are studying only specialty.

The students have a possibility to get various specialties such as mechanic, cook, tailor-embroiderer, blacksmith and social worker assistant. In 2017 the school started module teaching with modules for social worker assistants and cooks.  Our school also organizes training courses for adults in the agricultural area. The aim of the studies is to prepare good specialists not only for regional needs but also for European Union by cooperation and integration with foreign countries.  Our school is participating in both national and international projects such as Erasmus+ projects for teachers and students. Being the partners in many projects, students had a great opportunity to improve their skills and experience in such countries as Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, France, etc.

There are also classes for adults at Vilkija Agricultural School. Car drivers and farmers’ courses are being held here. The school plays an important role in the infrastructure of the town. A lot of sport events are being held in the school gym, and plenty of concerts, meetings, summer camps – in the school hall. Transportation, housing and feeding services are provided for students and school guests.

Vilkija Agricultural School is constantly modernizing and renewing itself and is open for everyone who wants to study and acquire a specialty here.